Eugene Bogaart

Solution Architect @ MongoDB

Eugene has a long history in the Java community in the Netherlands. He started out as a trainer in object orientation and Java programming. He has been part of the Dutch Java community since the start of his career and a Java evangelist in the Dutch market since 1995. Eugene has participated in many program committees, such as NLjug. In his spare time, he is into Domotica and Internet of Things technology. Currently, Eugene is solution architect for MongoDB.

My Sessions

Bringing data to life, handling less structured data

Kalvermelk 2b

The world is full of brilliant tools that provide us visual insights. All these tools have a common requirement that input should be in SQL format. Relational databases are the most common source of structured data, accessible through SQL. But what about all of these NoSQL databases, they promise handling data easier by accepting semi-structured […]

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