Angelo van der Sijpt

Fellow @Luminis

Angelo is a Luminis Fellow, currently with Luminis Eindhoven. He has experience in technology as an engineer and architect, ranging from Java to Ruby to iOS with some agile coaching thrown in for good measure. Nowadays, he divides his time between technology consulting or filling the role of lead architect for our customers, and shaping the new Eindhoven offices.
Angelo is active in consulting, architecting, engineering, coaching and training in all parts of the software engineering process, and is inordinately proud of his Wireshark skills.

Down and dirty on the network: debugging the IoT with Wireshark

What every developer needs to know about cryptography

Kalvermelk 2a

Cryptography is often shrouded like it is a black art. While you should stay away from implementing your own crypto, there’s plenty of components available in the Java ecosystem that can help you. But, what are they, and what to all those terms mean? In this session, we will unpack the jargon and show you […]

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