Aino Andriessen

Continuous Delivery Specialist @ Belastingdienst

Aino is a strong supporter of common sense, an agile mindset, CICD, crafsmanship, passion and fun as key drivers for developing high quality software.
He has a long background as full stack software engineer, application architect, team lead and consultant in a variety of different branches like financial, governmental, manufactering and others.
He coaches teams and organizations to improve on their software development and delivery processes.
He is currently responsible for implementing and scaling the Java delivery process at the Dutch tax offices.

My Sessions

The evolution of a Delivery Pipeline at scale

Kalvermelk 2a

At the Dutch Tax Office we’re developing a few hundred applications to collect taxes, to support customs,  and to payout allowances. The social impact and the political aspects are major concerns on how we organize our processes. We’re currently in the middle of a journey implementing CICD to allow the business to be more agile […]

Methodology & culture