The clash of the titans: a live serverless battle between AWS Lambda-Azure functions and Google functions


In the world of cloud there are two major battles ongoing between the big three AWS, Azure and Google. One on AI and one on serverless. Todays battle will be all about serverless. Which Serverless solution is best equipped to solve our use case? For this we have challenged our AWS, AZURE and Google Specialists to configure their systems at best and a perform a live battle against each other. Each contester will reveal their best practise secrets on how they have approach it and how they configured the setup. After we have seen what approach is chosen, it is time to RUMBLE!!!! Which setup is best configured for the challenge? On the live screen you can see how each of the setups perform when we start firing requests towards each setup. You will be able to initiate the requests yourself and therefor impact the output. After exact 10 minutes we will stop and check the outcomes. Each setup and output will be checked by jury that looks at approach, performance and costs of the solution. You can win cool prices with your prediction on who will win during the battle. Come and join us!
After the session all setups will be shared on github for public use and self test.

Cloud & Serverless