Get Shit Done – 25 tips to focus, get work done and become a better developer

Kalvermelk 2c

With the uprise of smartphones, social media and IoT, our day-to-day life is so much different than 10 years ago. We receive hundreds of notifications per day, our email inbox is getting filled on evenings and weekends and we only see successful people on our social media timelines. Also our working environments changed, since a lot of offices have an open-space strategy with flexible workspaces.

In this new reality, it’s getting harder and harder to focus and concentrate on difficult tasks that demand dedication and commitment. We live by the minute, search for instant gratification and getting our inbox and tasklist to zero is a goal on itself.

In this session we will present you with 25 practical tips and tricks to change your daily lifestyle and get more shit done as a developer. We give tips about changing your daily tasks, create priorities to advance in your career and personal life and provide you with review tools to measure the set goals. With these tips and tricks you will experience less stress so that you can focus on your overall goals and things that actually matter.

This session isn’t the holy grail, but it’s just our vision on how we get work done. We believe this can be insightful for a lot of developers, who are facing the same problems. Feel free to share you productivity tips and tricks with us with #TNgetshitdone

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