Code2Navigate, from bit to bike

Kalvermelk 2a

Spring is in the air. With the weather improving this means that the Dutch are massively going out and enjoying their spare time with a nice trip on their bicycles. Or they leave the car at home and take their bicycle for their work commute. But how do you plan such a bike trip? Do you always choose the fastest road? Or do you want to prefer cycle paths over normal roads? Do you want to avoid industrial areas? What if you would like to get an ice-cream on the way or add a local supermarket to your route?

In this presentation we will show hands-on what it is like to program a routing network with python in the Dutch province of North-Holland. Using the Dijkstra Algorithm for the fastest route as starting point we will gradually add more data and constraints to the algorithm. With a web viewer using OpenLayers, we can visually see the consequences of extending our code. This we will do by using open-source data and software only.

Open Source