Bringing data to life, handling less structured data

Kalvermelk 2b

The world is full of brilliant tools that provide us visual insights. All these tools have a common requirement that input should be in SQL format. Relational databases are the most common source of structured data, accessible through SQL. But what about all of these NoSQL databases, they promise handling data easier by accepting semi-structured and unstructured data. NoSQL databases help handle data with less complexity and pushing boundaries of what is possible. The downside is that NoSQL databases do not have interfaces that are compatible with modern visualisation tooling.

This talk explains the mismatch between NoSQL databases and Visualisation tools. What are the pros and cons of common solutions for users of tools such as Tableaux, PowerBI, and Qlik (or any other). We will show that copying a subset of you data to a relational database is not a good idea, because it will double your data volume, increase you operating cost and will show insights in old data.

IoT & Embedded