700 tons of code later/When your IDE will not cut it you need a Spoon

Silo 36

When your codebase is hundreds of projects in tens of thousands of different projects/modules it is very hard to do mass refactors. While IDEs are very helpful when working on several to tens of modules they do not handle Monorepo style wide refactors. We will show instruments that help you do that.
Examples when you need this:
– Someone invented a new static code check and now you need to refactor 100 of classes
– You want to update a library but the new API is not the same and you are not allowed to use the previous and the current one
– You finally learned the proper way to do unit test working with rather than against the framework and now you need to fix all mistakes made in unit tests
– You try to modernise your code from Java 8 to something more modern but there is too much of code to migrate

We will not be inventing new languages but will use current ones in smarter ways.

Methodology & culture