TEQnation - The Future is Open

25th April, 2018

An ever growing flow of data, structured or unstructured, more demanding and more mobile users, reliable security and downtime is no longer acceptable. The challenges for Developers, Architects and IT managers are every day more and more complex. How do we deal with these changes, is it scalable, do we stay within deadlines and budget and how we stay ahead.

TEQnation The Future is Open is the open source conference of the Benelux and will bring together a unique blend of IT architects, managers, disruptors, experts and developers. Presentations, tutorials, keynotes, workshops and hands-summits will be part of this day.

Open IoT                          Open Source solutions for the Internet of Things

Open AI                            Discovering and enacting the path of  artificial intelligence.

Open Data                       Open Data will allows users to take any data from any source, in any format and search

Open Dev                         Open Development is about providing access to information, and permission to participate.

Cloud & DevOps             Reinforcing strategies for delivering business value through IT.